About Us

At the age of 13 I started playing golf with my father's old golf bag and the golf bug seriously bit me. I played in the school golf team and then started putting in longer hours on the range to improve my game. My goal was to play competitive golf to buy myself a new golf bag and build up my own set as the old golf bag was becoming pretty embarrassing.

As life goes after school my attention was shifted to my new career and studying and I lost so much interest that I almost sold my golf bag.

Thank goodness I never actaully went that far as I soon rediscovered my love for the game and now realise even more, how expensive this game of golf can be. I am a born entrepreneur and came up with the idea of Out Of Bounds to initially fund my own social golf but then realised there is more value to sourcing great equipment at competitive pricing and I can share this with other golfers.