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We want to expand and build on our reputable brand by hosting an enjoyable but competitive golf tournament that will grow into a great new opportunity for companies to sponsor and expose their business and network. The Out Of Bounds team prides itself on working closely with players and courses to discuss any potential changes related to the competitive experience.

Of course, there is still space for improvement, and this caused us to rethink our overall championship strategy. We are happy to announce a big change coming to the 2021 Out Of Bounds Seasonal Championships. Changes to format will be implemented. This new structure gives all teams an opportunity to compete for the Season’s Championship.

The Summer Season is upon us and we’re excited for the next Out Of Bounds Seasonal Championship.

Format for 2021 Out Of Bounds Seasonal Championships.

A team is comprised of 2 players, who are playing the hole individually, but who play the best drive out of the team members. From the tee, both players hits, and as a team, they pick the best shot after that first shot, and then from that point forward, the player plays their own ball until they hole out.

The Handicap of both players will be counted together and then divided by 2 to get the teams handicap.

Players without RSA handicap indexes will play of an 12 handicap.

Stableford points will be awarded on the teams handicap.