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Click here to download registration form We want to expand and build on our reputable brand by hosting an enjoyable but competitive golf tournament that will grow into a great new opportunity for companies to sponsor and expose their business and network. The Out Of Bounds team prides itself on working closely with players and courses to discuss any potential changes related to the competitive experience. Of course, there is still space for improvement, and this caused us to rethink our overall championship strategy. We are happy to announce a big change coming to the 2021 Out Of Bounds Seasonal...

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The following blog post is the first chapter of our Out Of Bounds Seasonal Championship. We thought it’ll be a good time to go into further detail on how our first Championship went and also what’s next for the Championship. Let’s proceed with a broad overview on how our first Out Of Bounds Seasonal Championship turned out at Metropolitan Golf Club on Sunday, the 18th of October 2020 Closer to the date, our team of management had some stress about the weather, with wind gusts forecast up to 70km/h. Finally the day came and we had almost no wind, Fortunately,...

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